Officially Upside Down!


We have landed – Upside Down – that’s right Darrell and I are in London. We tried to think back at when this move had its origins and I think we have been talking about it for a few years but we seriously made the final decision in about May or June last year.  What followed was the most tumultuous busy period of our lives since having 3 children in 3.5 years, almost 20 years ago.  In that time we:

  • Cleared out 16 years of living
  • Bought a house
  • Sold a house
  • Renovated a house
  • Moved house
  • Fitted 16 acres, a 3 bay shed and a large home into a suburban block and house
  • Finished our school years

and, rolled out a large contract to over 1000 staff in the UK (with the wonderful help of our UK manager & staff)

Of course that doesn’t really capture the doubts, excitement, fears and relief that was felt variously over that time but we are happy to finally be here.

The blog is a way to keep people in touch with what we are doing.  We are looking forward to sharing it with you.

lofting 15


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