The Day My Eyeballs Froze

Well its cold, at least its cold and clear – almost no rain but by gosh its cold.  Have I mentioned its cold! Today has been one of those bone chilling days.  The temperature belies the Real Feel – this is the bit of the weather forecast or observations you really have to take note of.  I always thought Australians were obsessed with their weather but the UK takes it to a new level altogether, you have wind directions, hour by hour temperature and rainfall predictions, traffic light warning systems,


You know when you get a brain freeze well this morning walking to work it felt like an inside out brain freeze – it was so cold my head froze from the outside! Well that might have been a bit dramatic – but that’s what it reminded me of.  The upside is I am getting to wear my full range of knits as required attire includes mittens or gloves, hats and scarf or cowl.  A coat is a given.  Going back a bit though….

Saturday we trooped up to Highgate Village north of Hampstead Heath, the bus wend its way up the hill and we landed at the picture postcard village, parts of it were dusted in snow and we stopped at an indulgent little cafe with all sorts of homemade delights.  Then we walked up to the golf course to have a look.



We continue to explore our surroundings and organise our space, gradually coming to grips with where we buy meat, veg, and groceries.  Roast Sunday at The Albion  for our wedding anniversary was delightful – its a pub that is just a 2 of 3 minute walk from our place.  Its got a great creaky eclectic feel, a real English pub.



So wish me luck as I rug up for the rest of the week!


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