My Favourite Places……Borough Market

I want to highlight some of the fantastic places that we go to over the next few years.  One place we go to every time we come to London is the Borough Market.  Its near Tower Bridge and the Shard so its VERY touristy and busy – we normally go when we are jetlagged and its a wonderful time when everyone is setting up at 8am in the morning.  Yesterday we went at about 11am so it was very busy but we  had a great time and got some very YUMMY produce!

Borough Market  IMG_2188

IMG_2199   Schedule of Rents

The food is amazing and beautifully presented – It comes from all over the UK and although not cheap is very worthwhile.  The standard is very high.  There are permanent stalls as well as pop up stalls.  Don’t eat before you go because there is a lot of market stall food there of every cuisine and type – Carribbean, roasts, goat, vegan, greek, thai, gooey brownies, cheesecakes and wonderful breads.  There are also a number of restaurants but we haven’t been to those so I can’t comment.  IF you love food you will love the Borough Market.

IMG_2185   IMG_2194   IMG_2197   IMG_2198   IMG_2207

   IMG_2209    IMG_2214  


  IMG_2229  IMG_2230 

  IMG_2228 (2)    IMG_2221


IMG_2235  IMG_2236



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