Bursting…………colour, warmth & fragrance

ok so it’s been a while…..

London is fit to bursting. Spring is about to roll into summer and the transformation in nature from the flowers to the foliage has been magnificent. I suppose coming from the antipodes we have a lot of green all year round with our evergreen species such as our wattle, eucalypts and native grasses and bushes so we don’t get as big an impact as you do here. 


Wintry London

Caledonian Park in Winter  


It really has been awesome on a macro


And a micro scale


The smell is amazing and the coats are packed away. The flowers have been awesome even at dusk.



3 thoughts on “Bursting…………colour, warmth & fragrance

  1. Love it, Is the purple/blue flowers Lilac? Did it have a scent? I’m looking forward to our winter flowers like Daphne and Jonquils.


      1. How magnificent is that blossom, it just looks so beautiful. What a lovely time to be in London, enjoy the spring. All the leaves are falling here, and it’s been very cold. Love ya. Xo


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